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Technology is best when it brings people together. - Matt Mullenweg

The latest groundbreaking new immersive technology that brings your family, friends and new friends together.

The sound based on the revolutionary new system called Auro-3D.

3 Dimensional audio technology that is changing the landscape of cinematic experience. Auro 3D features sound reproduction that is more realistic than anything you've heard before. It draws you into the action on-screen fully immersing you in a spectrum if life like sound. Natural acoustic reflections affect you as they do in real life. Originating not only from around you but also above you. From subtle nature environments to music and the rumblings of our mechanised world

Previously unattainable levels of cinematic immersion are now possible.

The natural effect of 3 Dimensional sounds has the power to captivate audiences like never before

Visit our “Experience Destination”, get immersed and destine your search.

Technology that upscale your Mono, Stereo 5.1 & etc, to Auro-3D