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Creating the best home cinema experience is as daunting a task as scaling the Everest, but that has not stopped dreamers from attempting it.

An experience center that pushes the boundaries of conventional experience centers with the latest and best technologies and compromising on any aspects, be it sound, vision or even seating in Cinespa located in Coimbatore who have vowed to take demo zones to the next level.

It all started with an idea to create the ultimate experience with the latest technology to bring about the most realistic and life-like sound to immerse the listener by building a 3 in 1 home theater experience. The 3 in 1 experience being Dolby atmos, dts and auro 3d formats all in one demo room. We probably don’t need to tell you what a feat of engineering that it.

While looking for a product that could deliver true and natural sound without loss or colouration, Cinespa stumbled upon Genelec at ISE – 2015 and with some research, found that it provided exactly what they were looking for. After an intensive five day training program at Genelec and Genelec being commended by Auro Technologies CEO. Wilfried Van Baelen, it was decided that the digital series from Genelec, the 1238 for LCR’s 8351 for height channels and surrounds and 8350.7370 subs would provide the perfect no –compromise sound.

Adding the Storm Audio processor to the mix along with Genelec monitors, crestron automation, Oppo 4K player, Moovia recliners and Sony’s 550 Native 4K projector combined with fine-tuned acoustic treatment from Galaxy Studios rounded out the performance of the experience zone nicely.

Adding a cherry to the cake, a team from Genelec from Finland declared it the first of its kind full digital home-cinema experience center - with all three immersive formats in a cross compatible system – in the world, achieving their goal and managing to exceed expectations.